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The Retro E-Waste Lifestyle Club Art book


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  • The E-Waste book
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200 pages of illustrations and album art celebrating the Retro E-Waste project (2016 - 2017) in a 22mm square hardback book, presented in full colour, on lovely 170gsm silk pages.

Celebrate the stars, the earth, terraced houses, lightbulbs, inspiration and more. The E-Waste Lifestyle Club is a collection of wandering explorations, tiny details, and a unique take on music visualised. Both a companion to a body of music, and as a unique object in its own right, full of bright hope and distant wonders.

The books are still waiting to be ordered, and will ship by the end of January 2018*
This preorder will run until January 12th 2018.

All orders are delivered with a PDF download of the book and all 52 pieces of music from the E-Waste project.
Want to just buy the digital version of everything? Head to my Bandcamp page where you can get the 52 tracks and a PDF of the book for £12:

*Why? Well, they are quite big books, and cost more to print without doing them in batches. Thanks to the Kickstarter backers, I can bring the price right down from usual print on demand services, but it still means I need to take orders upfront before the final print run is ordered.**

** Then why is there pictures?! Well, I used some of the Kickstarter money for a proper proof of the book, to 1) check how awesome it looks (it does look awesome, ta) and 2) so the print is setup and corrected before the main order, to make sure you get the very best book.